NTT Communications

NTT Communications

TURNKEY's First Containment System Project for NTT Com Asia Limited in Tai Po Industrial Estate

TURNKEY was successfully completed its first containment system project for NTT Com Asia Limited in December 2017.

The scope of work included design and build Cold Aisle Containment System for Data Halls 2C and 2E with associated fire services system modification as well as the extensible rack top metal curtain and full height air block panels for their Tai Po Campus.

The most challenging part of this project is to design a cold-aisle containment system (CACS) encloses the cold aisle, allowing the rest of the data center to become a large hot-air return plenum.  By containing the cold aisle, the hot and cold air streams are separated.  Note that this containment method requires that the rows of racks be set up in a consistent hot-aisle / cold-aisle arrangement.  Our proposed Cold Aisle Containment Solution include Slide Containment Doors, Full Height Blanking Panels and Extensible Rack Top Blanking Panel.

TURNKEY adopts Sliding Containment Door, which can be provided a maximum width of cold aisle entrance for the most convenient way for customers’ daily operation under a minimal thickness.

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