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Vertiv™ PEX+™ CRAC Systems

Vertiv™ PEX+™ CRAC Systems

The Liebert® PEX+™, features next-gen cooling technologies that gives you the highest levels of efficiency and availability at a small footprint.

The Liebert® PEX+™'s modular design also gives you the flexibility and convenience unlike other cooling solutions. It is also compact and easy to install, adapting to the changing demands of your business.

The Liebert® PEX+™ offers the perfect combination of availability, efficiency, modularity. It is available in both DX and Chilled Water variants.

Key Features:

  • Scroll Technology
  • Electronic Expansion Valve
  • iCOM Controller
  • Liebert® EC Fan
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Ease of Maintenance
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