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FusionModule2000 is a next generation, smart modular data center solution that integrates power, cooling, rack, cabling, and management systems. As such, it's the world's first modular data center solution to obtain TIER-Ready IV certification from the Uptime Institute, recognized as the global authority on data center best practices.

Available in either single- or dual-row, with support for hot or cold aisle containment, FusionModule2000 is suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) built in — with Huawei’s iPower, iCooling, and iManager systems — data center reliability, availability, and efficiency are all significantly improved.

Single modules can be applied to small- and medium-sized data centers, while multiple modules can be used to construct a large data center that meets the requirements of more demanding sectors such as government, finance, and more.

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